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Hello Dear friends,
Have you ever gone through a situation where it seemed as like these mentioned below ?

Job’s going through his tests where he was then encouraged to repent and die for they assumed he had sinned against God or qw
People need to understand just
because you or someone are going through trials this doesn’t mean you or they are ungodly or God has turned His back on you or them. Let’s take for instance Job,he lost everything and everyone plus laid sick with boils until the skin fell from his bones,God called him Holy. King David had most of all his supporters ( friends & family)
turn on him,trying to kill him Yet God called him His friend.

Trials,test and storms are a part of our spiritual growth, these are faith stretchers,a time to watch God in action on our behalf.

Assumption is a tool of the enemy

When someone is going through something don’t assume they have sinned and fallen from grace; rally around them in strength and prayer with encouraging words to uplift the faint at heart.

Support needed

Trust in God

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