Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Good morning my fine friends,
may your day be filled with all of Father God’s treasures of His presence throughout this day,for tomorrow is not guaranteed; Today is the day inwhich we should be enjoying the experience in the presence of God and the things of this day.
Not worrying about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough troubles of it own.

If we are not careful in not being in today we miss This day’s blessings which are often not given back to us. Like your spouse doing the dishes but you don’t recognize his effort, your child wanting to sit with you to tell you about his or her day but you’re preoccupied with whatever is causing you not to notice; it may be business, handling a situation with your spouse,boss,creditors, telemarketers or the dinner your planning for Thanksgiving which may be a month away. This society in a whole needs to slow down a bit and just enjoy what and who is around them. It’s especially important be in the presence of God at different times of the day to regain the wisdom, knowledge and understanding the enemy has been trying to steal,kill and destroy throughout the day; if not the next thing we know we’re biting the heads off of those closest to us,our precious loved  ones Father God has placed in our lives. We all need a refreshing of the Holy Spirits peace,joy and love inwhich it gives freely.

We all need time to stop and smell the Rose’s

Have a blessed day with much love sent 💝 💋

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