Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Our homestead

Our homestead is not off the grid as far as using solar power, tho a girl can dream can’t she? We are blessed with well water on 13 acres 3 of those acres are a well stocked pond where we enjoy setting and relaxing as we are fishing. which my husband finds relaxing, I on the other hand call it exciting if only I’m catching something, other than that I would rather sit and have conversation with the Lord and meditate. My husband has been making riding trails for our motorized buggy I referre to as the wagon just incase I switch words on you or for a reminder in future posts where I may refer to it as the wagon. I do love going into the woods and mud bogging when my body permits.

Our home is a 5 bedroom 2 full bath with a fireplace room as we call it,living room,dining room and kitchen. Most of the home is an open floor plan which I absolutely love.

Donnie and I will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary on the 27th of this month,we have 4 children between us and 3 grandchildren, yes we are a blended family and our home can easily accommodate the entire family at once but that seldom happens. I’m very grateful for all we have but this living space is too much for the two of us,we’re planning on selling out and moving to Colorado when God is ready for us to do so.

Though I love it here, when I visted Colorado last year I found deep within me THERE is were God gathered the soil to create me so to speak. My body and soul will be there until the day of Lord’s return or after a loooong satisfying life when He takes me home to be with Him. I feel without a doubt He has a purpose for me there and I desire to be obedient but not move without His full permission. I have often told Him YES to HIS WILL,that I would GO where He tells me,SAY what He says to say and DO what He wants me to even if that calling was to sit on my roof and crow like a rooster I would gladly do so for the GLORIFICATION of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the KINGDOM of GOD.

I’m ready to downsize for this is too much for me to keep up with, that’s why I have gone with the cozy lived in french,shabby chic,bohieman look. It’s inviting,warm,comforting and not much too much seems out of place.

Donnie’s favorite place when in the home,a place to sit watch tv with his feet up to relax after a long hard day at work.

Our living room, dining room, kitchen, work area,fireplace room and mudroom is an open floor plan but in between the fireplace room and the mudroom I had Donnie build a half door to break up the flow a bit and have a system to bringing fur babies in when we all get together for Samson is very territorial,the hall way to the 2nd bath and 3 bedrooms, one bedroom I turned into a craft room/ she shack also has a half door for that purpose.

I absolutely love the kitchen with the hanging pots and everything within reach, the farmhouse sink and countertop Donnie built for me.

The old farm table I salvaged and Donnie redid is an extra space to use when the family gatherings happen and several are cooking and preparing

The fireplace room with a functional fireplace and a day bed for extra sleeping space or a place to lounge and warm yourself by the fire. I love gazing into a fire as I warm myself and again meditate on the Lord. Let’s face it I need no excuse to meditate for I do that often even while driving.

The extra bedroom facing the East with a view of the sunrise and the pond which is now my craft room/she shack

Even the spare bedrooms look lounged in. There’s a view of the pond and pier from this room and full of natural light which makes the room light and airy.

The other spare bedroom in red but a very soothing room

This is the master bedroom, a bathroom with a garden tub and separate shower with a walk in closet on one side with another bedroom or suite which is my prayer room/ nursery with a bed for mommy’s to be by her infant if she chooses.

This is a first,I would never in my life have shown you my home without it being in perfect order. The unmade bed was something I never would have shown the world but I’m learning don’t sweat the small stuff and I kind of like the messed up look since I’m hurting too much to make it or even get out of it lately.

Each room has an electric fireplace to add ambiance, warmth and comfort.

I rescued this panio from the flood in Denham springs Louisiana several years ago. For years I’ve wanted a piano though we don’t play, and God had one for free,i love free who doesn’t right ?

The farm table Donnie restored

A griddle Donnie loves using which is very convenient when cooking several eggs,porkchops,grilled cheese sandwiches or whatever we choose.

Another work station where things can be mixed,chopped it also is where the crockpot and rice cooker are used and stored.


These are my Henny Penny’s and Rooster Roo’s. The little cochin rooster’s are called little David’s because they will put the full grown rooster Abraham in his place at times. Abraham is the most docile rooster of his size I’ve ever had,not once has he EVER flogged us or came towards us in the attack mode which is so nice because I’d hate to put him down,he’s so beautiful. Don’t think I won’t put anything down and fix it for dinner after all that’s what homesteading is all about and being raised with this mind set helps alot in being able to feed and care for your animals yet put them in the freezer too. We have 4 hens sitting on clutches of eggs so I’m sure we will be putting those in the freezer.

It’s rained so much my flower pot is full and needs help to drain for when I put plants in it in the spring.

This is one reason when it’s planting time the chickens will be cooped until harvest

The ducks were a great decision, so beautiful to watch swimming and playing in the pond plus keeping it clean from unwanted water weeds and plants.

The wild plum and bridal’s wreath brightens up the drabness of winter and the wild plum leaves a wonderful scent as you walk by.

The periwinkle’s sprawling greenery with it’s purplish blue flowers are bringing joy to my heart to know spring, one of my favorite seasons is soon to be here;when everything comes back to life and planting season for the potagere’s garden and flower buckets hanging on the wooden privacy fence where one of the petunia plants has survived the winter thus far will be full of whatever catches my heart at the time I visit the nursery.

The boat certainly needs emptied and turned over but there never seems to be enough day light hours to do what needs to be done after Donnie works all day and working 6 days a week I want him to rest on the one day he has.

As you can see the ducks are starting to lay again and need to be cooped at night so the edge of the water won’t be filled with eggs that are only thrown deeper into the pond for the turtles because I’m not taking the chance of how long they’ve been there and being contaminated. I’m so looking forward to the delicious duck eggs that have a richer but mellow flavor. I love using them in my cakes and desserts, well let’s face it I use them in any recipe that calls for eggs.

The view of the road in front of the property with a bridge that allows us to drive over the pond to come and go from the property.

This is the run off from the rain filling the pond to over flowing. I do hope we have some good rain days like this when we need them for the corn and watermelon to be planted in the fields.

The gazebo will once again have the bed placed back in it for outside napping or cloud gazing while listening to the wild birds singing their songs of praise and watching the beautiful butterflies flitting from plant to plant throughout the yard.

Our tractor the work horse of our homestead and my poor potagere’s garden which is getting a redesign this year, we’ll probably place the rod iron fencing around it as I’ve wanted for the last couple of years, hopefully the people who purchase the homestead when it’s time has always wanted a fenced garden spot.

The back porch is our favorite place to sit with the hanging pallet table where we sometimes have our meals in the spring and fall when it’s cool tho we do have fans to at least give us a breeze in hotter weather and a fireplace for those cooler times like today and at nights when sleep won’t come even with prescription medication. I love relaxing by a fire as I said earlier in this post.

This majestic fur baby is our guardian farm sweetheart,our gentle giant who guards everything very well. I love all my fur babies Tbear the toy poodle,Layla the Yorkie and Samson the GFS as I said above.

Cooking outside is one of our favorite things to do,either here or on the back porch on the grill where we have a full size refrigerator and a working sink with cold water only ( I would love to have hot water) I believe Donnie is working on putting the PVC piping back up on the roof of the porch for heating the outside shower water and this may include the sink in the process.

In may – june I’ll be able to post pictures of the back yard in full bloom and the gardens we’re planting this year will be posted also. We’re doing some changes but not many for we know the new buyers will want to do things they way they want it and they may also enjoy what we have already done.

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