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5 Replies to “Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day”

  1. Hello, I’m a new reader. Is this your home? How delightful! We live “off the grid” ourselves, in a tiny home, most the year, and have a large organic garden, etc. And some chickens. But not ducks. Although I’m tempted to get some, as I hear they will eat a lot of bugs. 🙂

    My name is Pamela, by the way. I have a blog about the Song of Songs at https://IntimateKingdom.com. I’m not sure how I ran across yours, but here I am. 🙂

    1. Hello Pamela !
      I’m so glad you found me and my blog,I’m just starting my blog and so happy you’re here. Yes this is our home,we live on 13 acres with the 3 acre pond.i grow a small garden with the regulars of tomatoes,okra,squash, radishes ect my husband when he feels like it discs and plants watermelons,corn,Lima’s ect. The ducks are so delightful,they are so beneficial in keeping the pond clean of grasses and things that try to overtake it . They and the chickens keep it clear of bugs for sure,thank goodness.

    2. Hello Pamela,
      I’m so thankful you found me and my blog I am new at blogging as you can probably tell 🙂. Yes this is our home of 13 acres with a 3 acre stocked pond. I also do organic gardening in my small potagere’s garden of tomatoes,squash, strawberries,cucumbers, radishes,lettuce,okra and some herbs. I’m wanting to add medicinal plants to it for the time we are here, for we’re wanting to down size to a smaller place in Colorado. I pray it’s soon but everything is on God’s timing. The ducks are wonderful for keeping bugs at bay and the grasses and weeds that want to over take the pond. I will most certainly be reading your blog 💖
      God bless and happy blogging

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