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I often find myself overthinking  but lately I’ve found myself not wanting to think,not wanting to think of why..Why does life turn out as it does … Why do some individuals seem that everything they touch turns to gold while others work their life away and still achieve nothing more than debt or what they have gained has been lost by divorce or sickness but certainly not laziness.
Then you have some able bodied people who won’t get off their butts to swat a fly from their lunch let alone do physical labor of honest to goodness work for a decent place to lay their heads,clean clothes,meals and the necessities of life like running water or electricity but would  rather steal from hard working  people,eat from the dumpsters from behind grocery stores,foods from the deli being thrown away at the end of the day because getting high is all

that matters.
As long as the glass dragon is filled for the week rather than having clean clothes or food none of this matters. Food only becomes a thought when the dope sickness eases and it’s realized hey I haven’t eaten in days.

So here I am overthinking once more,wondering why … Why would you settle for this way of life when there’s so much more. You’re worth so much more than the life you’ve chosen.

If you could only see through eyes of your loved ones that so desperately cling to the hope the scales will be removed from your eyes and you will be awaken from the madness that’s now consumed your life,or what life there is in this kind of living.

The most frequently asked question is why ….

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