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As the LORD commanded Moses his servant,so did Moses command Joshua and so did Joshua.

He left nothing undone

The consequences of our decisions of obedience or disobedience

Joshua did not leave the Canaanites alive when he conquered the cities of the land, but obeyed Moses and ultimately God. God knew that his people would intermarry and intermingle with the Canaanites and serve their false gods if they did not clear the land of them. But those that followed Joshua failed to obey this command, and indeed the people of Canaan became a snare to them.

Not allowing disobedience ( sin) to be a snare or trap t


You,O Lord, know what will be a temptation to us and how others will influence us. You teach us to choose Godly friends and to avoid ungodly ones.I ask that You  keep us away from anything,anyone or practices of the world that might lead us away from you. May we yield to your wisdom and not trust in our own.
In the precious name of Jesus.      
             Amen and Amen

This day

May your day be blessed and may all your hands touch prosper as your soul prospers

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