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The most cruel and vicious among God’s creation

if I were allowed to be me I’d allow myself to love myself unconditionally,free to then live my life truly loving others as Christ instructs us, yet I am not; often in life we are not allowed to truly be ourselves because in doing so someone in this wounded society becomes intimidated and offened. Offending other’s   religions,other’s beliefs and other’s who cannot love nor control us. They are being offended by our style of truth,the color of our skin, hair or the color of our eyes then there are others who are offended by how one lives their life,the home,vehicle, clothes even the food that’s consumed. Offended if your rich,poor or middle classed. Offended if you’re a stay at home mom,homemaker or offended by the postion and title you hold on your job or in your church. Everywhere you turn one is offending another without actually trying, in some ways this is hilarious and on the other hand this is a very sad situation in society as a whole. There are major control issues from our governments trinkling down upon all those who live under it. We are to be a free society living out the dreams which has now become a nightmare. No one is free from another’s opinions,slander or hearsay nor their criticisms. With viciousness their mouths spew anything which comes to mind unable to bridle the forked tongue inwhich they speak.  The tongues has no bones yet it cannot be restrained nor contolled and has brought down noble men and women without ceasing or without thought of the consequence of their actions. How cruel the human race is yet wildlife is called animals. I can put more trust and love into an animal (wildlife) than the human being. A lion won’t harm anything if it’s not in danger or hungry nor will any creature in nature but the human being is the most cruel and vicious creature of all God’s creation.

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