Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

I’ve come along way and praise God my journey isn’t over yet. In my fifty-nine years of life I’ve experienced,learned,forgotten and forgiven much yet I’ve found it easier to forgive another than to forgive myself.

In this new year I am living the self-forgiven life.Though I have been forgiven by our Lord Jesus I have not truly forgiven myself. I have been harder on myself,been my own worst enemy and critic. I’ve self sabotaged and abused the woman I am created to be by believing every lie of the enemy about myself.

Today I refuse to believe the lies any longer,I forgive myself for all I have allowed myself to believe about the Teresa I am in myself and in Christ.

Today and from this day forth I am the Teresa I have been created to be. I’m living the self- forgiven life ❤.

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