Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

A gentle rain is as refreshing as a gentle kiss, both create happiness in the soul

Rain drops dripping gently as the breeze dances,swaying with perfect rhythm in the darkness of the early morning

As I sit 0n the back porch at 2:39 am listening to the rain drops dropping drip by drip from the tin roof after the rain has passed through the area once again,the winds picking up creating nice breeze gently brushes my face,rustling through my hair also causing the branches of the near by pine tree to making a cracking  noise here and there,not enough at this time to break thank goodness,though I can also hear the pine needles and other debris tossed in the wind tapping on the duck and chicken coops roofs and walls; nothing which can do any harm. In the few moments of setting here writing on this post the wind has picked up tremendously. Storms usually don’t scare me,infact I find them calming,though I know when to find shelter, I’m usually sleeping soundly through the storms for there’s nothing more soothing than the rain on a tin roof; sleep then comes easily to me then.

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