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  This breed of chickens love playing in the drizzling rain

The temperatures have been mild but rainy this year which is not uncommon in Mississippi nor Louisiana. February is usually our rainy season,it started early this year; tho I’m not complaining the ground certainly needs it for spring planting and the ducks absolutely love it.

Their combs are bright red,a good indicator of good health and the hens are not far from producing

Before the winter hit I did the fall worming,feeding them pumpkin and cucumber along with other treats they love including watermelon and popcorn. The pumpkin and cucumber have long been known as a natural wormer. They definitely enjoy it better than the other stuff I’ve put in their water,the liquid wormer they flatly refused to drink the water until it was emptied. Who can blame them with all the chemicals in is ingredients.

A mild winter has come having me thinking the chicken’s need their daily romps outside since there are no flower beds to worry about and if they are in  need of cleaning, it’s done for free.
Henny Penny’s sweet cooing brought all the rest of the chicken’s to the yard.

As I opened the coop door,the chickens stood looking as if to say, ” she’s bringing treats not freedom,so dont get overly excited y’all. ”

As I propped the door open,the first hen made her way out into the yard soon other’s followed as her cooing of freedom sweetly filtered through the air. I have let them out everyday since allowing them to free range until they are found outside the property lines. The yard and surrounding area will hopefully be bug free unless it becomes too cold for the chickens to have outings; the other breed I had stayed in the coop for warmth during the winter so its will be interesting to see what this breed is like.

Fresh eggs are the best

Four years now my husband and I have enjoyed eating fresh eggs and having them laid in our back yard. This year I’ve had to buy eggs from the store which by the we absolutely hate store bought eggs,because our hens have stopped laying due to molting and the weather change.

Since allowing the chickens out to free range we’ve gathered a few eggs at a time which I’m collecting slowly, tho with the hopes of having a few to enjoy if this springy type weather doesn’t continues.

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