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Sweeping issues under the rug

In not handling issues that arise in life whether at work or at home we create an atmosphere for the enemy to form weapons to destroy everything we have built,our integrity,character and dignity are in jeopardy for in not handling issues and sweeping them under the rug we allow giants to grow there that a slingshot and five smooth stones cannot battle. We must find resolve and closure in each circumstance and situation before the giants grow,arise and create more problems; now in every area of our life’s. Sweeping things under the rug so to speak is being disobedient,disrespectful,dysfunctional and a lacidasical approach to life. It’s leaving ourselves open for attacks and failure.
One of our New Year resolutions should be to handle  every issue that arises in 2020 so that we can live in peace and harmony with Father God,ourselves and those in our life.

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