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Detours in life are setups for our come backs

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Detours along life’s journey

How many times have you been right on course,your steps being ordered by the Lord yet there comes what seems to be a detour or road block that switches your once solid steps into those of uncertainty which make you doubt if your steps were actually led by the Father or by oneself.

Many things can happen to make us question our thoughts,motives,ourselves,those around us and even God Himself,often blaming Him when dysfunction,stress,infidelity,death or something we call a calamity knocks upon our doors.

When infact any number of these are the actions of ourselves or other’s which God has allowed to build our character,integrity and our faith in Him. We often want to blame Him because,after all He is the creator of all things,omnipotent and able to stop all things if He chose to.

It’s much easier to blame Him than examine one’s true self and take full responsibility for our actions.

I know this is true in myself and an area inwhich I’m working daily to improve myself and my relationship with Father God.

After all we tend to want to blame someone right?

Many things are out of our control as like the actions of other’s but one thing for sure is we are guaranteed in the word of God in Roman’s 8:28 that ALL things are working or being worked out for our good.

What the enemy meant for harm will be for our advantage as we allow the Lord to work things out for our good.

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