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This last month has been a learning experience, I should say this; “WATCH WHAT YOU’RE ASKING GOD FOR”. In the beginning of 2019 I had asked the Lord to bring me to the level with Him I would of been if I hadn’t failed my test…

Flat out FAILED.. Soooooo I asked if I could take summer classes ( smile)In asking this, I have been in one spiritual attack after the other; I’m beaten,bruised and wounded but yet I’m victorious. I slipped yesterday and I was uncomfortable in my spirit until I made things right. In a former post you may remember reading of the Lord taking me (who was Afraid of the dark at that time… maybe a year ago ) through a shed with no light just leaning and completely trusting on the Lord. I inched,scooting my feet as He took me through what seemed at first,an overwhelming journey especially then at the time I saw what looked like a figure in the dark as my heart began beating 90 to nothing,with hyperventilating soon to follow. I could feel His presence and as I started getting frightened, I could hear Him saying softly,” just lean on me,let me guide you through the darkness,” to the doorway on the opposite side of the shop. I learned in trusting God completely I had to do just that t.r.u.s.t. H.i.m. o.n.l.y. ; no way out but to turn around and at this point in the middle of the shed and I wasn’t allowing the emeny to rob me of this moment of victory. I reasoned what I thought was a figure,was infact a table with many things stacked on it lol. I spoke the word of God into the atmosphere where He ( God) is quick to preform His word.As I began trusting God,acting and reacting calmly to whatever God was doing. I heard Him say for to keep my eyes on Him the beacon of light in every storm,as the lighthouse guides the ships to shore He guides each of us through every storm,trial,test and make up work. I pray my summer school is over but if not it’s okay for I lean and trust in Father God who guides me every step of the way.

Happy Holidays,may 2020 be a blessed year for you in all you do,say and touch.

Smile God has you

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