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How does someone overcome rejection?

 Rejection can be defined as the act of pushing someone or something away. One may experience rejection from one’s family, friend, or a romantic partner, and the resulting emotions can often be painful. Rejection can be experienced on a large scale or in small ways in our everyday life.
Rejection is an issue I’ve struggled with all of my life. At an early age it was evident my brother held the mother’s heart leaving me with feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness of ever being excepted by her. I’ve often heard her tell others how it was impossible to love me because I was premature having to stay in the hospital for a couple of months until I gained the desired weight. She often told me and anyone who would listen about her not loving me. From the tender age of six years old I was subjected to hearing her ramblings. As I grew the rejection did also,she only wanting me around when it served a purpose for her gain.
I’ve always felt like an outcast,never belonging  anywhere or to anyone. The broken relationships throughout my life have not given me much hope in this ever changing. Rejection is something I do not handle well then add being manic / bipolar. The rejection from my spouse is cruel and undeserving,the rejection from other’s is hard to  understand because I will go beyond what is necessary to make those around me happy;when  they are not happy I then feel like a failure on top of the rejection they now give me. How does one overcome rejection ?
I pray, try thinking on happier positive thoughts,the word of God yet the pain and heartache lingers like the thick smoke in a room filled with chain smokers sending me into a pit of depression. Those around me seem not to care for they seem happiest when their cruel rejection sends me to places no one ever wants to be.

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  1. Their loss! 💕 Think who is rejecting you? if they are narcissists it’s a compliment. 💕 Means you have value they don’t feel they have themselves so trying to Rob you of yours instead. Don’t let them. They need to find their own value, and best way to defeat it is to win back for yourself the value they tried to make out you never had 🌸 💕 🌸

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