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As the days are counting down to Christmas Day

As the day quickly approaches and we find ourselves busy planning,shopping for gifts and food in preparation of the gathering with family and friends; many find the anxiety,loneliness and  hopelessness heavy upon them for one reason or another.One’s excitement for the season may be another’s nightmare for there are more suicides during this season than any other holiday except Thanksgiving. Many struggle with finding the season covered in a shroud of depression due to unemployment,divorce,the loss of a loved one or having no living family members to share the holiday’s with,to them this is the worst day imaginable.Picture yourself if you will,facing any one of these scenarios during the holidays how would you feel? It’s often hard to imagine especially if you’ve never experienced any of these hardships… Yet the empathetic person can do just that,having empathy for another during their time of suffering whether it’s emotional or financial.
This Christmas make it a little different by including someone or a few people you know who are struggling in any of these situations. Including them in your time of joy, opening yourself and your home to making Christmas what it is REALLY about…. LOVE… it’s the BEST gift one can give.

In doing so we may find this to be the most enjoyable,fulfilling Christmas because we’ve not given from our bank accounts but from the abundance of our hearts.

Merry Christmas to all

And Happy Prosperous New Year

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