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Quality Time

Hello Everyone,
Do you know a couple that seems to have a genuine sense of togetherness? They complete each other’s sentences. They’re almost always on the same page. They navigate interactions with poise, honor, and dignity.
Most likely what you are observing is the outflow of a positive pattern of communication that is taking place behind the scenes.
On the flip side, do you know a couple that awkwardly catches each other off guard more often than not? One of them announces something at a party, the other is put off and casts a cold, icy stare. The stare is followed by a deafening silence, broken only by a third party’s attempt to lighten things up with a joke. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what I mean. If it was you, I’m sorry for the flashback. 😬
The difference between these two couples boils down to one critical factor—communication. One made time for conversation before a public announcement, while the other did not, waiting instead for a botched announcement to force their conversation.
Verbal conversation is the primary process by which we share life. You will never know what I’m thinking unless I tell you and you choose to listen. What’s so hard about that? Well, to some it’s simply making the time to converse that’s difficult. Why not schedule daily conversation time, just like you’d schedule time for lunch? Being intentional in your communication as a couple will help you avoid unnecessary and extremely awkward interactions down the road . . . and in front of others.
Make communication a priority in your relationship, and you’ll find yourself confidently growing closer with the one you love.
Warmly, Teresa


Calling your partner throughout the day,texting with emojis and enjoying each other as you did when you first met and getting to know each other. Learning or relearning our partners needs are very vital to the survival of the relationship or marriage.


Learning your partner makes it easy for acts of service because when you truly love someone, you want to please them in every way possible,just to see them smile


From the heart love comes and so should the gifts. Gifts don’t have to be expensive or even cost a thing. Be creative and write your spouse love notes,poems or just writing wants in your heart.


Time is valuable and so is your partner. If we can give eight or more hours to an employer shouldn’t we give more time ? But QUALITY TIME to the one person who is supposed to be our ride or die.


Touch is very important in building love and trust. Touch is an affirmation to the love held for our partners.

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