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What is in a word?

Be kind and loving not only with other’s but with yourself. We are often our own worst critic.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

I myself have believed the lies told me,I was this or that and not this or that.

I would rather be beaten with sticks than with words,for the injuries from being hit with sticks or fist heal,all wounds and bruises gone in time but words have a way of repeating continuously as one plays a cd on replay. Running through your mind at different times in life. Unannounced they come into one’s mind as if each word is etched in the grooves and have made their habitation there with you. Often as hard as one tries from the words you cannot hide. The same emotional pain comes as if the words were just spoken when infact it may have been years and years ago but your mind cannot let go.

If your words cannot be kind, building one another it’s best to say nothing at all.

Some say we can reroute the negative words and replace them with the positive words to allow ourselves to be healed.

The only way I have found in rebuilding,retraining my thoughts is to think upon the words

I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made in God’s image.

There are times when the negative words come flooding back and I must turn the channel of my thoughts to the word of God or pray and praise my way through.

It’s not easy but awareness is the key. When you hear any negative word starting to push it’s way through the door of your thoughts quickly think up your favorite scripture, fond memories or how beautifully and gracefully a butterfly files from bloom to bloom taking nectar as it’s treat.

When we do this we’re stopping the insanity of the hurtful words once spoken.

Be kind to yourself STOP the tearing down of the beautiful perfection God made and rebuild yourself on the firm foundation in the word of God,believe what he says about you and not what other’s have spoken.

In order to love another one must first love themselves.

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