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Hi Everyone,
Has a conversation with someone ever sent you away feeling more confident, more at peace, or more energized? What was it that made the difference? I would venture to say the one you spoke with likely did something—maybe without even knowing it—that most people strongly desire from others. What did they do? They made you feel seen.
Simply put, we all desire to be seen for who we truly are. By that I mean something more than optics. Feeling “seen” means feeling known, heard, and understood. It means that someone not only pays attention to you but also “gets” you and where you are coming from. People that have mastered the art of seeing others are magnetic because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be around someone who genuinely cares? Cares enough to listen. Cares enough to pay attention. Cares enough to ask thoughtful questions and be truly curious about your well-being.
Let’s strive to be people that see others. I mean really see others. Your spouse. Your kids. Your friends and loved ones. Don’t be so distracted when you’re at home with your family, out with friends, or having coffee with a coworker that you neglect to listen, pay attention, or be curious in the moment. Maybe this means leaving your phone in the car, taking a moment to gather yourself so you can truly show up for your family as you walk through the door after work, or simply looking someone in the eyes as you talk together about life.
When you show sincere compassion, concern, and interest to others, you not only make them want to be around you—you make the world a better place!
Warmly, Teresa Foster Smith
Here are words of affirmation :

Get a composition notebook as well a pen or pencil.Put the pad in a agreed upon location in the household. Then you and your partner write a brief,positive,genuine,one sentence message to each every morning.

Acts of appreciation:

Do something your partner will appreciate. As….

Do the laundry one day, clean the house,cook dinner together or giving your partner a day of rest, laying your husband’s clothes out for him in the morning, purchasing a towel warmer so he/she can have warm towels after a shower or bath. Small things really matter.Gifts :

The most precious and valuable gift one can give is their time.

Quality time: is crucial in any relationship and is a must in bringing the couple into togetherness
Physical touch:

Holding hands,embracing often,cuddling in bed while watching tv or sleep holding each other at least twice a week instead of your side their side of the bed sleeping.

Learning to love your partner the way they need to be loved and not the way you believe or want to love them,that’s the most important key to a successful relationship.

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