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Caregivers and responsible pet parents

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As I lay upon my bed awakened from my sleep by one of my three dogs hacking as if there’s something caught in her throat, I retrieved the benadryl and asked Donnie to administer it. After a bit of the same coughing she has finally settled down to sleep peacefully for now. I find myself loving and caring for my pets as I did my own children when they needed me,unable to do for themselves nor alert you to what hurts or ails them it is our responsibility to be alert to their needs. This has happened several times with her so the normal routine is to alternate benadryl with a children’s cough medicine,it usually subsides in a couple of days. The change of seasons brings many things as allergies or a sore throat from the anal sac being natural taken care of by her, which the groomer usually takes care of but between groomings I’m sure it may be needed care for by the pet or comes with natural self grooming.

The point I’m trying to make is once a mother or care giver always a mother or care giver. I find myself being awakened by the sounds of the pitter patter of tiny feet when the need to go outside to potty,the nagging cough that brings her no rest or the sad dark eyes that tells you,” mommy I don’t feel well.” We caregiver’s learn the universal signs with no words spoken whether human or animal and feel compassion and empathy for whomever we care for,without thought of ourselves or the sleep we lose as long as other’s around us in need are made comfortable. As I babble on I’m reminded that another’s care such as this is our responsibility for we have decided to step into this role when becoming a responsible pet owner or pet parent for I want to own no living thing. This attack with soon be over and life will go on as usual until the next but mommy will be here each time to administer medication and love letting her know she’s not alone,for isn’t that what everyone needs when not feeling their best it’s the fact someone is there loving us enough to give us what’s needed at that moment without the unspoken feelings of resentment but with the unspoken and spoken words of love and compassion allowing the one in need know you will always be there whether you sacrifice your sleep or time because the one in need is worth more than anything else in the world.

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