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Appreciate the road construction workers and think of their safety

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The medicine has finally taken effect as sweet baby Layla rests comfortably until her next bout with what sounds like she’s trying to hack up something lodged in her throat, I suspect it may be her tonsils enlarged from licking her anal gland.Though I’m not a vet I have had this happen with other pets and was taught how to treat them and this treatment has been successful in the past with her. A sick baby human or animal are somewhat the same,once the mommy is up she may as well get what needs done while she can. A load of laundry in the dryer another in the washer with yet another waiting to be washed. The floors are swept and will be mopped since everyone is asleep and it can dry without the constant traffic. Though we have central heat I love a fire in the fireplace so I’ll soon bring in a load of wood or two,leaving them by the back porch on the dolly. When the dishwasher is finished I’ll unload it and start making homemade biscuits to have with honey mixed with butter to serve Donnie breakfast in bed with a hot cup of coffee where he then can go back to sleep and rest for the entire day,it’s his only day off during the spring to winter seasons. The winter temperatures are often too cold to lay asphalt,yet other things can be done such as hauling equipment,materials and whatever else needs to done. My husband is 100% dedicated to his employer and the company, which many companies would find this very admirable as I’m very sure the owner’s do also. Donnie’s dedication goes far after those under his charge are home safe and sound. He cares for their health and personal lives as he prays for them in the mornings and all throughout the day. If there is a way he can help,he will. Up many mornings at 4 am watching the weather and radar’s,situating in his mind what must be done and knowing changes to these will be modified many many times before he lays down his head to sleep that night. The phone calls start at 5 am and never stop throughout the day nor do they stop after hours. His phone constantly rings until about 8:30 pm or 9,only then he can start to unwind while watching tv. There is no use in us having a conversation as it will be interrupted by the ringing of the phone and then he wants to quietly sit undisturbed watching tv until he eats and goes to bed where he falls asleep quickly from a long days work. Sunday’s he usually sleeps till noon or after and I’ve known him to sleep until 5pm trying to catch up on all the sleep lost,that’s why I’m trying to have everything done so I’m not disturbing his rest as I’ll find something outside to do or if it’s too cold I’ll build a fire in the pizza oven and sit quietly on the back porch.

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