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What is a rainy day box you may ask…

Years ago when my children were small we lived in several different states following my ex husband and his occupation.

We lived in West Virginia when the box went from a thought to reality as there were many snow days that kept the children indoors and anyone with children know boredom will soon take over,then arguments will ensue,to keep the peace,happiness and my sanity I came up with the Rainy day box filled with construction paper,child safety scissors,colored pencils,regular pencils,colored pens,paste and glue as they got older,colored markers,rulers,water paints,paint brushes and magazines they could cut pictures out of and paste them to the construction paper to make collages or anything their hearts desired. The box became an instant success,I would even join in when I completed my household duties giving myself to them and enjoying drawing and crafts myself,this built their interests in the same. The box had a lid and was packed up and put away and was only used when outdoor conditioned kept them inside.

We later moved to Louisiana where rain kept them indoors thus the name of the rainy day box,until that time it was called the craft box,the name change was also an instant success. As they aged the scissors changed as did the drawing material but the other materials stayed the same because you can’t go wrong with colored pencils, #2 pencils,colored pens and colored markers.There were times I would cut a shape out of an apple cut in half,then cutting a simple shape which would be 3d when put in paint it made a stencil which could be thrown away when finished. I also used a potato to make stencils.

Years later

Now that my children are grown they still enjoy drawing and beautifully. I’m happy I gave them the opportunity to enjoy creating whatever their hearts desired.

A suggestion

Anyone with children I would suggest making a making a rainy day box yourself, you certainly won’t regret it.

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