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With the temperatures dipping into the thirties over night after a brief rain,the chill of the frosty air brings back memories as I make my way to the kitchen this morning to make myself some tea. Through the years I’ve so called shortened my time by putting the water in the microwave to heat when this morning I decided to use the tea kettle. As I waited for the water I readied my Mason jar, yes, a quart jar for my tea.I placed the tea bag,the amount of sugar because I used the last of the milk for making hot wings last night I used the trusty standing by,the dreaded powdered creamer which as I said stand by because I really prefer milk in my tea. It’s all preference isn’t it,as with anything. As the tea pot started to whistle I was taken back to the memories of yesteryear of gone by days of cold mornings in Pennsylvania and Kentucky the kettle on the stove and I in anticipation of hearing the whistling of the kettle which sounded so much louder then than now. With tea bag in the cup waiting for the boiling water slowly pouring to watch as the hot water starts changing the water into the richness of tea,allowing it to steep for a few minutes as I place a couple slices bread in the toaster. Waiting as the toast browns,the tea steeping soon I’ll have the warmth of the tea and toast with it’s buttery goodness sitting watching the snow fall outside the kitchen window. Isn’t it strange how the whistle of a tea kettle can stir such beautiful memories.
The senses can bring back so many memories. Sights,sounds,touch and smell can all take us back to memories welcomed or unwelcomed.
The aroma’s of certain flowers or hedge can take me back to my grandmother’s home while songs can bring smiles upon my face,tears streaming down my cheeks or the warmth of a sweater next to my skin can bring delightful memories of cold winter days bundled in layers to keep warm.
Yesterday’s are never gone they revisit as precious memories.

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