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What cooking utensil Do You Prefer using

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Kitchen utensils

Which do you prefer Plastic,stainless steel,wood & rubber or plain wooden utensils I love cast iron cookware
Cast iron is a little heavy but it lasts forever even when you neglect it.
Through the years I have found several pieces buried in the ground which I’m still using today of course after cleaning the rust and grime and reseasoning them. 
I’ve found that a wire brush attachment on a drill works best and less work,I take it down to the bare metal and start all over with the seasoning with oil and baking in the oven at 400° for an hour then letting it cool completely in the oven. If seasoned well one has nonstick cookware.

With cast iron any utensil can be used which is awesome,I hate worrying about scratching the surface of my cookware when I have so much going on.
My preference is good heavy wooden utensils that feel comfortable in my hands,I also use stainless steel when needed  but I absolutely hate the plastic utensils,those are so not worth the time or money ( that’s just my opinion)
Though the wooden utensils can’t be put in the dish washer nor soak in water for very long and need to be oiled with a food safe oil I wouldn’t use anything else.

Have a blessed day ❤

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