Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Decorating for Christmas has always been a wonderful time for me as I love doing crafts and watching everything come together to make a beautiful warm inviting place to beThe Joy’s of Christmas It’s not the gifts nor the tree but family surrounding me and watching their gleaming facesThis year I’m looking forward to the quietness of the home,glistening with Christmas while Donnie and I are in our pajamas preparing dinner together for the next week with all the leftovers we usually have.
Thinking of Christmas before Thanksgiving

It’s not Thanksgiving yet and I’m wanting to start making a few Christmas decorations to place here and there. I’ve seen the cutest snowmen and angel’s painted on boards along with the nativity scene,I’m also wanting to make salt dough ornaments,the children and I would make every year,though they’re grown I still have the desire of making them and adding them to our forever tree which stays up all year around. Though it’s only Donnie and I there is that desire to have Christmas,the Christmas of just him and I enjoying the day with our Christmas pajama tradition. The tradition of not getting dressed up but dressed down in our Christmas pajamas,preparing dinner together and enjoying eating, watching tv and napping. The no fuss no muss kinda day. The children gone with their life’s busier than ever ( how I remember those days well ) it’s now time for Donnie,I and settling down into our own routine.Which it’s wonderful to think about the children and grandchildren all around us with the home bustling with energetic children,the excitement,the noises and the activities,food and all that comes with a house full, it’s also sweeter to think of the quietness and the kinda of day we will have together laying around doing much of nothing but eating,snoozing and watching whatever we find enjoyable.A special time of yearHot chocolate moments by the fire

Fur babies and teddy bears and my favorite time of the year.

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