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Have you ever wanted to go MIA ? So far gone no one but God could find you. Have you ever been so disappointed and disgusted with your life that nothing you do seems to please anyone for very long. Have you ever felt invisible though someone is there with you but not necessarily with you in the way you desire them to be. Nothing you can do or say is seen,heard or appreciated; you sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher “wawawawawa” because
that’s all that’s heard; yet everything about everyone else is told to you as if those people are more important than you. Have you ever felt as if you’re an indentured slave only wanted for meeting someone’s needs though you’re not honored nor respected.
Have you been down this road full of bumps and bruises from just life itself,sick and tired of being where you are but can’t find a way out.
Joseph,Daniel,David,Job, Moses and many other men and women in the Bible had to of felt the same way while walking through their storms and God proved Himself to be their refuge and help in times of trouble.Though the waters rise and the waves seem to over take you remember these men of the Bible and how God moved mighty on their behalf. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed by the circumstances we’re in that we can’t see what God is doing around us. These set backs are set ups for your come back. You’re not down for the count but VICTORIOUS for your faith is in God not man. We are but clay upon the potter’s wheel being created for God’s purpose. The battles not ours but the Lord’s. The same God who spoke everything into existence, made Adam from dirt and Eve from his rib,parted the red sea,walked in the fire of the furnace with the three Hebrew childrenclosed the mouths of the lions,though sold into slavery,wrongly accused and imprisoned to become 2nd in charge of Pharoah’s kingdom. That’s the God we serve is there anything too hard for our God to do?

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