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What is the American people’s opinion of Meghan Markle the wife of Prince Harry ?

Meghan Markle isn’t much in the celebrity status of the American people as she is with our British cousins. It seems
the common feeling with American’s is Meghan will never be much more than what she is now, for Prince Harry will never be king therefore never allowing her the chance to be what William and Harry’s mother was to the world. Many feel Meghan nor anyone for that matter ever to be close to anything what the late Princess Diana was. Which can anyone?
What Princess Daina created in the world with her charm,smile and love could never be replicated again for Lady Diana was able to cross many language barriers with her love,smile and grace that gave off the air of nothing but pure Royalty though it infuriated Prince Charles,for many believe he lacks the personality of that of a rock. ( though frankly I believe  rocks exudes more personality)  Diana on the other hand all eyes were upon her. The hatred most American’s felt towards the spectacle Charles made of Diana with his affair during the royal marriage and as he tried making it seem to the public it was she who was scandalous. Princess Diana suffered from low-self esteem throughout her lifetime and many feel that may be the reason she loved so genuinely and why those around her felt special.

Though Meghan Markle is of no great interest to many here of course there are some who are fascinated by the British Royalty and their way of life. Watching the Royal weddings

and other happenings as if they are part of the family donning hats,gloveshaving a spot of tea and crumpets or the closest thing to a crumpet we American’s can get.

Our fascination with the Royals without Lady Diana is no more than the Cinderella fairytale of a commoner marrying royalty and living then happily ever after.

Queen Elizabeth

Though well thought of,here again is another example… Queen Elizabeth has not nor will ever be to people of the world what the beauty Princess was and still is,she is what I would call a Queen.

I’m sure Meghan Markle has very fine qualities in her own right and as any other person should not be compared to any of those who came before her,I  myself know nothing of her position in the Royal Family except she is Prince Harry’s  wife nor do I know what is expected of her in the duties there of,I assume they will be nothing compared to Diana’s or Kate Middleton’s as William’s wife, as he is the next heir to step into the position of Prince Charles upon his death.

British Descent

Though I come from British descent I have not kept up with all of what is happening with the Royal Family and sadly I did not watch William and Kate’s wedding nor was I able to watch Harry and Meghan’s wedding,though I’m sure they both were fairytale weddings; Upon Diana’s death and the scandals with Prince Charles I lost interest, for I thought if in any fairytale meeting,courtship and marriage theirs would be forever after marriage that all fairytales are made of. I suppose I have been cured of Cinderella syndrome after all.

Once upon a time
Once upon a time in the Royal family there was once a beautiful Princess,her life ending too soon and I seriously doubt if there will ever be another like her. Our Beautiful Lady Diana. ❤

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