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Today is all we have tomorrow is not guaranteed so let’s live it like there’s no tomorrow. Life is a gift.often it’s what we make it.

A time long ago somewhere in 1975 -1976


   known as the Pepper’s

Being in the pep club of the Haymakers in Haskell,Oklahoma

Our home uniform were a white turtleneck shirt with the overalls and white tennis shoes that needed to be polished just before the games. Our dress uniform was a blue pantsuit with the jacket having the name and a fist holding a lightening with a white turtle neck and of course the white tennis shoes.

I loved being in the club riding with the team and cheerleaders to games,the rally’s the cheers,not being able to talk the next day. The mother of my nieces and nephew Donnie Ginn was a cheerleader at the time. I remembercindy,Beth,Angie and Donna maybe a few other’s by face only.

I love my overalls and try to always wear white with them.. I habit I don’t want to break but today I added the chunky sweater and traded out the tennis shoes for Clark’s that are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Clark’s are for anyone who has issues with their back,legs,and hips. If one has to be on their feet a lot they’re perfect. If you’ve never worn them you’ll be so pleasantly surprised.
                Love this look
Have a blessed day,much love sent❤

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