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Going to Louisiana to visit my daughter

Though rain reeks havoc on my body it’s much needed since it’s been a long hot dry summer so I won’t complain.
It’s rained all night and is expected to rain today and tomorrow clearing up by Friday when I intend on going to Louisiana is spend the day with my daughter.
I’m unable to visit my son because his nieces and nephews he and his wife are raising are busy with basketball practices and games,though we’d love to see them we certainly understand having a family of our own once upon a time.

Remembering back in time

I can remember as a small child and young teenager how we ( the entire family) would gather at our grandparents or my great grandmother’s houses for sunday lunches and staying for dinner then after the women cleaned and had things back in place we all said our goodbyes hugged,kissed then left for home.
We children (cousins & siblings) played outside and the only time we were allowed in was if we needed to use the rest room, someone got hurt or sick other than that we drank from the water hose,kept ourselves busy by playing different games.I remember lots of jump rope,tag and hide & seek,it’s  certainly true our cousin were our first best friends.

Distance then separated us

At 16 we moved away, the only time we came back was on a few vacations,an occasional Christmas,family reunions and sadly funerals. Then as we all married we lost contact with each other. Facebook has at least given us an opportunity to reconnect and be in each other’s lifes once more tho
Our great grandmother and grandparents are long gone.

Meeting my cousin’s family & their families on facebook

How things have changed

At least we’re in each others lifes and that’s what truly matters and for that I’m grateful and thankful. But how  I wish we could have kept the familes tight knit like they used to be.

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