Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

To sit alone is often a joy to have time with ones self to reflect over your day or your life with all the emotions playing in the recesses of your mind as you sometimes

Feel abandoned as a home who no one cares to keep up it’s structure with it falling to the ground as the rotting wood under the elements, with no one caring enough to bring life back into the once beautiful dwelling where once joy and laughter lived, only ruins now remain. Soon the dozers will come to knock down,scrap together what remains then dig a pit to place in it’s remains like a grave. It once was someone’s dwelling, the beautiful structure to be adorn with walls of stone,sculptured beams,wooden floors,rooms filled with furnishings and the family who kept it together then came the devastating storm. The happy place where everyone gathered for many holidays where happiness mattered. There you found acceptance,love and learned what really mattered,Home Sweet Home as children chattered. The giggles and laughter no longer remain I wonder did the abandoned home go insane as it sat unloved as it never mattered,being neglected as rock were thrown at the windows just to hear them shatter. Tall and erect it once stood,the element of weather and life it once withstood now rubble on the ground being buried never to be found. Each piece of wood will continue to decay adding matter to the soil of clay,the stones hauled away.With the history ladened land of ole Mississippi as it went down like a warring battleship. The home once stood in all it’s glory in everything from it’s foundation to ceiling if it could talk it certainly would tell it’s story of the days of old standing there in all it’s wonderful glory with family,children and friends who loved,laughed and lived there where it was once filled with music,dancing and different parties from Anniversaries,birthdays,Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh my goodness if it could tell it’s stories of bedtime readings of Bible stories,as the family gave praises to God in pure unadulterated love and glory. How things change something’s for the bad some for the good but there in honor the old home once stood surrounded by magnolia’s,crepe myrtles and live oaks with their thick branches hanging very low,low enough to sit and rest in it’s shade oh the beauty this grand old place made. The trees lined the drive which brought awe to those who passed by as the tree’s seemed to be reaching high towards the sky. Here and there were banana magnolia’s that filled the land with it’s sweet pleasant aromas. A few trees that gave off the scent of a child’s bubble gum, around them the children would  always run to come to lay beneath it’s branches in hopes of smelling the bubble gum odor that filted through the air that’s if the children weren’t too anxious to go play tag, mother may I,jump rope or picnic beneath the branches of the huge live oak which stood alone by the fresh water creek that always flowed except in the winter when the surface would be frozen yet beneath the layer of ice the water continued to flow. The creek could be followed for hours but the children could never find where it would finally end.
The flower’s of all different colors sat in the rock beds of the stone retaining walls.
where the tulips lined the walkway where one could walk and pray.

A beautiful place where children played

Long gone are the day of yesterday

Then there are days like today where you feel as alive as the home that once stood filled with the love that only comes from Father God.

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