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As I set watching Hallmark channel Christmas shows I’m reminded what Christmas is supposed to be about. Not materialism or commercialism but the birth of our saviour the Lord Jesus Christ

Though it isn’t known when the Christ baby was born it’s believed to be sometime in September through early November because shepherds were not in the fields in December.

It doesn’t matter when He was born but the fact that He was born for an appointed time,place and reason.

The reason was and still is for the salvation of our sins and in repentance we will not longer be separated from Father God but now are able to have a relationship with Him not a religion.

It doesn’t matter what religious back ground we come from if we do not believe Christ was born of a virgin,lived,preached,healed and died upon the cross and in three days rose from the dead ascending to heaven leaving his Holy Spirit as a comforter for us and we needing the repentance of our sins to be in one accord then there is no hope for us.

There is no other gods that has done what Christ has done and no other ever will. They can’t save,heal forgive sins,walk,talk or rise from the dead and live among us in the form of a holy spirit. For there is none Holy as our Lord Father God and Jesus Christ who is God in the flesh. The Father { GOD} of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,the GREAT I AM is the only TRUE GOD…

1) Allah,Buddha or no other so called god cannot save us from our sins nor can they do anything at all for us. It’s only through a relationship with Jesus Christ that we may have the knowledge of redemption,and be one with the Father knowing we will be spending an eternity with him in heaven instead of hell.

This is the true reason for the season

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