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Worming the chickens and getting the coop winterized

This time of the year brings the need for worming the chickens and getting the coops winterized with fresh hay in their nests and making sure all will be warm if the temperatures fall too low for them.

Time to get everything ready for winter

The coop is safety heated with a heater for the coldest day which isn’t need often here in southwest Mississippi.

Worming  chickens with pumpkin
I personally would rather used a natural wormer than than one with chemicals,the less chemicals I give the more healthy they and their eggs are for cconsumption not only for us but them also. If I have more eggs than I need or sell I boil them and feed them back to them. I used to bake the egg mixture and once cooled give it to them but I found the hardboiled eggs give once cooked is more interesting to them giving them something to keep them from getting bored plus the shells give them more calcium.

Chickens are my favorite to raise

They have such wonderful personalities and are hilariously funny.
Each chicken has it’s own personality and it’s pecking order and when out of her order all hell can and will break loose in the coop or in the yard.
I allow them to work out there issues unleas it’s rooster’s getting too rough with another rooster that’s when I’ll separate them or put one down and put in the freezer. Keep my more docile rooster.

Our Docile Rooster

I have had to put down two rooster’s this year because of getting attacked just by walking by them. One rooster caught me in the run where he corner me and attacked me not once but three times. The attack left me bleeding from my arms to my legs. Needless to say he went in the freezer for another time. The rooster I kept is so docile,he has never once show aggression towards his hens nor the other pets and humans. I’m so tickled to have him as the head over the coop. He is protective with his girls as he should be and will allow all the girls to eat first before himself standing guard as they can eat without fear of attack.

Life with chicken’s is a life with smiles,giggles and eggs

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