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Samson our great pyrenees LGD is a very loyal,loving,strong,determined companion to us and our flocks of chickens and ducks. The best protector of of everything here including his family.

Many probably wouldn’t allow him on their bed but we don’t consider him anything but our baby as are the two other fur babies. It’s very hot here in Mississippi in the summer and works out well for him when he patrols all night and is inside where he is cooled by ccentral air. His favorite place is in the wal in closet were the floor is ceramic flooring and stays cooler in the darkness and it big enough to accommodate him ststretching out either in front of the dresser or under the hanging clothes out of the way of our feet as we accidentally step on him trying to get by.Donnie has fallen over him injuring his big toe,it’s still on the mend. He is a massive sweetheart but don’t let that fool you Samson will hold his own and his ground.

This bred is not for the faint of heart because they’re a very stubborn breed wanting to do things their way when they do something and one must be diligent in obedience training. I still have times when I call him he refuses to budge while laying cooling himself or rest in the places of his choice outside.

The chickens are cooped now and no longer are free ranging and the ducks are staying outdoors around the pond which Samson guards by laying on the pier during the cooler days and guarding tthroughout the night.

Now that cooler weather is approaching he will seldom come in and stay longer than to eat and off outside to enjoy the cold crisp air. His first year here he was able to experience his first snow which doesn’t happen very often here in southwest Mississippi. He romped and played and refused to come in even to eat so he was fed on the back porch where we placed warm bedding for him when he wanted to rest but he chose the wide open space atop the picnic table where he has a view of just about everything in the back half of the property.

Were hoping to get another pyrenees for him to have a companion. He has been nurtured and will not be producing offspring and whatever sex we get will be fixed also.

I would feel better if he had a companionship with another dog which they can have each others back if needed. I figure samson will train the other of it’s duties and boundaries.

We have to smaller inside dogs a Yorkie and a poodle which aren’t having Samson playing with them. So another great pyrenees will be his friend, companion and playmate.

I myself wouldn’t want to be alone without companionship.

I’m certainly sold on this breed 😊❤😊

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