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A visitation in the midnight hour

The bonfire where I enjoyed praising, worshipping and praying to Father God

I was sitting at the bonfire alone while Donine was sleeping Saturday night at midnight through 3 am.
As I was sitting there I began to talking to the Lord then went into,praising,worshipping and praying when I opened my eyes I see the aura of light in front of me from under the gazebo, I was then led to get my phone to take pictures. I grabbed my phone and as I started taking pictures ( there are several of one picture) the back yard began to change into the most glorious habitation of the Lord. I had been in His presence in praise,worship and prayer but what hhappening here is something I have never before experienced. I have been in His presence which caused me to close my eyes tightly because of the great light coming from Him,His Glory.. I have not seen such as and stand in awe of our Awesome able to do all things God and very grateful this happened here with me.

It is written in the word

I habitat the praise of my people

The pictures are proof that our Lord still habitats the praise of His people

The pictures are in the sequence of  which they were taken and one can clearly see how the area was transformed. The last two pictures are what the back yard looks like normally with the security light but yet at the security light there is what seems to still look like a figure is standing there.

It is written in the word

I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow

Spirits and Angel’s are everywhere

As I looked at the photo’s after the visitation I could see many spirit,angels and orbs. The moon was behind me as I faced the west and in the pictures a smaller version of the moon or one would think it was the moon if they didn’t know, like I said just a lot smaller version it’s in the right hand side of the photo’s.
If you enlarge the picture’s you can see many faces and a couple babies, a mother and child holding hands they are against the home,a native american chief in full headdress,there is one image of my dad’s  face by an image of Donnie’s dad which their faces have been seen together similar to this when we remodeled several years ago,they where seen in a picture which were accidentally deleted or I would share it also. Donnie has seen the face of his grandfather in these photo’s also. Some we don’t know like the woman and child but we never know who the Lord positions as our guardian angels.

A word from a prophetess I never met before

I’ve been told in church by a visiting prophetess that the Lord is always speaking to me ( which He is) and there are many,many angels around me also who are my constant companions.she told me many things that do not concern this post which have now come to pass that I was being told 11 years ago that had to do with meeting Donnie.

Its amazing how God works and manifests Himself.

I can never praise nor honor Him enough for all He has,is and will do for me and those who are called by His name.

Many will not believe what has happened Saturday night as there are always doubters yet many will sit in awe of what has transpired here Saturday night early Sunday.

I myself experienced something wonderful and give all the glory to the Lord.
I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I as you enlarge the photo’s and see the many,many images.

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