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As the weather changes and everything comes alive with color the smell of autumn is in the air. As I walks through the crisp fallen leaves the aroma is fantastic reminding me of the days of long ago as my dad raked leaves for us to play in until we tired. I even then loved the aroma.

Looking back to yester year of this time of year with the candied apples shining like glass seeming too beautiful to eat but too tempting not to then there was the popcorn balls,taffy and pomegranates,apples and pumpkins all the goodness in the world couldn’t compare to these special treat which were seasonal except tafft and apples not candied.

I shared my experiences with my children they too loved the piles of leaves rolling around in them,tossing them in the air or at each other. The hours of fresh air,sunshine and crisp colorful leaves and their aroma.

I love to watch nature as Father God takes it from one season to another but I must say the dormant season of winter is drab and if too cold,wet or if you live where snow keeps you in cabin fever can be depressing to some but that’s when I work on my crafts.

I’ve been wanting to do some kind of crafting, painting rocks,sewing or collecting things from nature to make whatevercomessage to be.I need to take the time this weekend to collect what nature has to offer,the rain has temporarily stopped but is supposed to return Monday so Saturday would be a good time to enjoy the woods while taking the fur babies for a trek in the woods. I’ve not walked in the woods since the sweltering heat,the houseflies that take up residency there plus the mosquitos.

I’m looking forward to bonfires,roasting hot dogs,marshmallows and making s’mores but most of all making memories with those I love.
Last year I purchased the love of my life the cowboy campfire set up with griddle, ttripod,rotisserie; the entire set up so we can enjoy more meals cooked outside over the camp fire. I already have the cast iron skillets,pots,dutch ovens ect so we’re all set except the time but as cooler weather approaches he will not be working weekends as he is now.

  I enjoy being outside but cannot tolerate the heat nor the sun with my issues with lupus so fall is perfect for me to do all I can do outdoors.

Before the winter comes keeping me in once again; the cold weather effects the oosteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis, back issues and the bulging discs.

That’s when the crafting really begins… using the items I’ve collected in the autumn or others items collected here and there.

It’s a good time for crocheting,embroidering,cooking,baking anything I can to to not feel shut in which I then load up the little fur babies and take Sunday rides.

As the seasons change I pray you take the time to enjoy yourself,those around you especially those you love;your family and extended families.

Remember memories last forever
Make them good

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