Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Holy spirit fall like a gentle steady summer’s rain to saturate the dry parched land of the spirits of your people. Come like a gentle breeze bringing peace to those who seek Your peace which is unlike any other. Comfort those who mourn wrapping your Holy spirit around them like a down comforter allowing them to feel your comfort as they grieve. There’s a season for everything we know for your word speaks upon this. Let there now be a season of peace,love and joy among your people’s,a time of prosperity of the spirit,mind,body and soul. Let there be no lack in any area of your people’s life’s for you are THE GREAT I AM who loves He’s people. Let this be the season inwhich your people return unto you their God. A season of returning unto you,your precepts and commandments living our lives according to your will. Let us return unto to you our God and you unto us like the prodigal children we are as you welcome us back to the fold.


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