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When you wipe your face with tissue because it’s softer on your face & your finger pokes
through causing you to almost jab yourself in the eye or your finger goes straight up your nose.

When you accidentally put fixodent on your toothbrush and don’t realize what you’ve done until the fixodent isn’t feeling quite right.

When you accidentally eat a few pieces of unwrapped laxative thinking it’s chocolate.

When you have a piece of bubble gum in one hand and a suppository in the other & a commercial comes on so you hurry to do what you must do so you can quickly return to your programming only to find you have the suppository in your hand and the bubble gum is in your rear..
When you think you have a stray cat hanging around, you feed it & allow it in your home like it’s his own with you pregnant and having a two year old loving all over it when you are told it’s a bob cat.
When you wake up early looking at the clock wrong thinking you’ve over slept & the kids have missed the bus only to rush around then realize you still have two hours before it’s time to get up so you give the kids your apology and suggest taking a nap before they get up AGAIN.
when you think it’s bad at your house then you realize it’s the same at everyone’s every once in awhile.

Some of these have happened to me & some have happened to you but hopefully you aren’t the one with bubble gum up your butt…It could always be worse…. you could be blowing bubbles from the other end…..

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