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Let’s not sugar coat sin

Somebody is humbugging…   he’s a hoax, a fraud,an impostor

There’s poison in the ranks of our spiritual leaders

There’s a person who was once someone I looked up to but their true colors came through in a few text messages and I’m avoiding the person at all costs because he’s burning the candle at both ends.


The damage you’re creating in the body of Christ




another Jimmy swaggart among us



Pretending to be what he’s not,you know being all holier than tho but texting me things that if his wife found out he’d be in trouble while posting pictures of himself hugged up on her like she’s his treasure  (which she is)  but he doesn’t recognizeyou know the type.. the ones at the front of the church wanting to lay hands on you and pray but the prayer gets no higher than the ceiling and now you’re exposed to the spirits attached to him.. yeah that type..



He wants to give me advice like I’m his wife when I’m another man’s treasure


As a woman I have gotten more than my share of this kind of behavior and I’m sick of the games Godly or so called Godly men play





Play with the devil and you’re going to get burnt…





Remember this……



What’s done in the darkness will be


brought to the light





Our Lord shall not be put to shame


I know we all fall short of the glory of the Lord and sin…we are all sinners…



But to say you’re a preacher and then try to hook up with me a married woman while you’re married… yeah like I really want to come hear you preach… what you gonna teach me ??? How to be a faithful wife ??? How many others before me,how many after ??? You’re making a mockery of our Lord and savior


I pray you get some get right or all is going to fall apart for you.. you’re getting ready to be exposed for the impostor you are.




Beware of wolves in sheep clothing




You seem to be an appointed wolf waiting to devour the sheep





What example are you teaching



When one is called into a position of pastor should that person not be an example to the body of Christ the church how we are to live and conduct ourselves ?



You’re a fraudster a man whore




I pray you Get some Holy Ghost get right or sit down because you make good preachers look bad because people think they’re all like… YOU


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