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Duck’s finally on the pond
This year we finally have duck’s we’ve raised swimming,eating pond grass and plant’s that frequently want to take over the pond,often times making it important to enjoy any fishing and swimming.
I would love to be swimming in this
swelting heat of October

A  cool dip in the pond

I myself would enjoy swimming in this sweltering heat we’re experiencing this year. We’re in the month of October and still hitting temperatures of mid to high 90’s and I believe a good swim could relieve the stresses of the heat or beat the boredom of staying in the house to keep cool as I’m an outdoor person by

Eating their fill
The duck’s are making their way around the pond eating their greens,I’m hoping with them doing so these persistent weeds as I call them will be eaten to the very root and next year they’re completely gone.
Tho chemicals have been used that the agricultural department said are safe The natural method of weed eradication I feel better using the natural method of eradication from the pesky grasses by using the duck’s than chemicals tho we’ve been told they’re safe,I just like using less chemicals as possible and by the way duck’s look so beautiful swimming, playing and eating them. I get a kick out of them going head down butt up getting every morsel of the goodness the provide them.

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