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Today is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

There are times in life in certain circumstances in which rejoicing seems impossible. Where a thank you Lord seems the last thing you can to give.

If you have read any of my posts you have seen a journey of the good,bad and the ugly. My journey is no different than some people’s, one can understand where I have been other’s may tend to believe I’m  not a born again believer because of the suicide attempt
Depression is real and I pray you never experience it has I have in the last three years.

Many years ago after a car accident while undergoing treatment for those injuries I was diagnosed as manic and it was suggested to ride the highs resting during the lows because I am allergic to a lot of medications; for years I’ve done this and have faired well until the last few years when a lot of issues began plaguing me.

Through prayer,reading the word and standing on that word I managed for several years,tho I couldn’t get stronger between battles before something else would arise.

Without the proper support system I floundered and eventually succumbed to the enemy’s attacks and decided suicide was my best and only option.

In handling my manic disorder without medication I quite frankly had forgotten I had been diagnosed with manic depression all those years ago.

It wasn’t until being admitted into the mental health facility that I remember the diagnosis.

Bipolar disorder is real and more common than what one realizes there is no shame in having this disorder nor in receiving help through medication and counseling in order to be a more functional person.

Please don’t hesitate to seek help if you suffer from any form of depression even the mildest form can benefit from counseling or medication.

The stigmas of mental health disorders need to be shattered because many people throughout history have been great leaders or contributors to our society yet suffered from manic depression/bipolar depression.

Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln are just two that come to mind,you can google the subject and find many,many more people have suffered from this disorder yet were great and honorable people.

Please consider this as you yourself or someone you love suffers in silence with this disorder or any other mental illnesses.

Seeking help does not mean your weak… it only means your using wisdom in seeking your strength,your defence and your success in the best support system nneeded for you because you’re worth it…

The enemy is going to and fro seeking those to whom he may devour

If he can rob you of the proper care he can defeat you.

The most common lie he boasts is you must not be a Christian or one of little faith or God would heal you.

God also uses man in our healing for it is  He who gave the wisdom,knowledge and understanding of our bodies and medication’s.

God’s healing also comes from medications and counseling

I pray you seek not only the Lord but also healing through medication and counseling

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