Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Many things in life we don’t understand and in asking questions we try to rationalize everything around us trying to find sound meaning in every word or action by another we often find more confusion and discontent.

In sorrow can happiness be found?

In spending my days alone can companionship be found ?

In my own company can wholeness come ?

I thought once I deserved happiness but I found I deserve none.

Born flawed I was discarded placed to the side deemed as no good and as life’s days have passed and the years seem stacked high so are the notions of unworthiness for all other’s see me too as flawed.

Is there one who sees me as I rightfully am… no not one who sees worthiness in me… no not one...

I long to be excepted as I am

To be seen as worthy of being loved

For it’s said all are worthy of love

Except me …

I am not worthy of yours or anyone’s love

I am unworthy

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