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One Man’s Junk Is Another’s Treasure

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Monday I celebrated my mentor, mother figure and best friend’s heavenly birthday. Tina Barton was one of the finest women of God I knew and I was most certainly blessed to have her in my life mentoring me for 20 years. Monday the Holy Spirit reminded me as I’m walking through this journey of healing, I was blessed with Tina at a time in my thirties when I needed the mother’s love she so wonderfully and freely gave expecting nothing in return.

In this I’m shown once again one person’s junk is another’s treasure

Out of disobedience we can cause God to shut up our blessings giving them to another who will appreciate the treasure one may of thought of as useless junk.

In this journey I now realize I had the nurse who doated on me while I stayed in the hospital for a few months as He then years later connected me with Tina. I haven’t missed out on anything actually I have been unusually blessed by having both of these women pouring themselves into me. Monday was a wonderful day of clear revelation.

Do I still need to walk out the reprogramming ? Definitely but I do not have to feel abandoned or unloved for I know for a fact they loved me with everything in them.In this revelation I found healing with those emotions. Father God provided what I needed in those stages of my life fulfilling His word when He says, ” I will meet your needs.” I felt in my spirit to not wallow in this,to quickly pass through this season of unworthiness and feeling unloved in the emotional Lo debar.I was instructed to pay close attention to changing my thought process with taking the time to rightfully divide the truth form the enemy’s lies.

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