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                 Fresh eggs again

The girls haven’t had the desire to lay with the heat as it is,yesterday being the hottest day in my area in Mississippi this year at 100 degrees

They have been cooped since late spring I guess;when they started ranging in the neighbors flower beds but…. with the heat I have let them out to free range to regain what nutrients they may have lost if any while being cooped.

When I find them ranging too far they’ll be cooped over night and let out a few hours in the evenings before they start to roost.

I don’t in any fashion want to disrespect my neighbors. So far they’ve stayed in their own space but that’s not saying I won’t find one,two or all 20 in the neighbors yard.

” Opps excuse me my bad I just need to get my chickens out of your yard.”

A few of the flock of Black Copper Maran
grazing in my back yard for their morning snack after their layer feed breakfast.

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