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Baked Artichoke hearts



Baked Tilapia served with baked artichoke hearts,salad,toasted sliced bread with grilled watermelon sclices

I season the Tilapia with a splash of olive oil,a pat or two of real butter,a squeeze of lemon juice,sea salt,black pepper and tarragon sprigs wrap in aluminum foil baking until opaque and fully cooked. As this is baking I’ll take the syrup ( juice) from a can of sliced pears heating it in a saucepan till it bubbles adding cornstarch to thicken keeping it on low heat until needed. When thickened and ready to use I remove it from the heat for a few minutes b4fore as not to be too hot as a bit of it will be poured on the plate the fish then placed in the syrup,a half of the pear is placed on top of the Tilapia a bit more of the syrup poured on top also served with a garden salad with my copycat recipe for 0live Garden’s salad dressing and toasted Italian bread slices


I thought of grilling slices of watermelon which would also be a beautiful addition to the appeal and presentation of the meal with it also being delicious and healthy.

A healthy change….

Sometimes meals become mundane or repetitive and a change needed. I’m loving the idea the meal is really healthy especially using moderation with the butter,cheese and bread.

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