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Walking or stumbling through the journey of recovery & healing is gigantic for anyone, for me my desire to have the support from my spouse is very crucial for I nor he can be in a marriage without the support needed for both of us to be better not only for each other but for other’s who need healing and recovery. I’m not looking for anyone to fix me just to be active in my healing while being understanding, patient,loving kind and genuinely being involved in my life,being interested in me, making me his priority not before God of course.

A supportive spouse or partner is very  crucial in the recovery & healing of the unloved daughter,also for recovery & healing of you the supportive spouse and  their relationship & marriage.

I myself don’t believe I have issues with relationships with other women for I have healthy friendships now,knowing the difference in trustworthy & trifling women.

The perfectionist
I am the perfectionist who performs to pleas everyone around here often neglect ino myself & my needs for others which I tthought was a people pleaser syndrome bit through my research I’m finding that the perfectionism comes from trying to please the woman who could never love me. In a post written when I first started bblogging ( not that I’m a well know blogger but dreams come true so I’m told) I had written many of the issues & how I have freed myself from the abuse by walking away from the source not allowing it to feed from me giving it strength from destroying me.

Since my resent suicide attempt & the 72 hour hold in a mental hospital I have had abit of therapy to learn when it began and steps to recovery,relearning everything & being happy within my own skin with who I really am.

Could the real Teresa please stand up ………
she’s hid away safe until she receives what she deserves. Which is so much more than what she’s gotten. She’s a fighter,a survivor,one loves unconditionally,is loyal,faithful and loving. She loves to garden,cook,decorate,crafts,hobby farming & all animals especially babies.She loves Father God with a passion and desires a true lasting love that is not tied to her performance of being good enough or to be abused in anyway for she’s been abused a life time.she doesn’t want pity for she actually knows her worth she’s just awaiting the awakening with the road to Damascus experience.

In prayer and study of not only the word of God, but that of the journey I am on of the unloved daughter I find bits here & there that grab my attention to the areas of which have been healed & the areas of which I’m still walking in the healing.
As my study progresses I will share information for those who walk the same path. I wish you well,healed and completely healed & restored enjoying life for the rest of your life.

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