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Today I’m perusing one of the tools taught at the hospital.There is no fear of asking questions nor should there be fear of the answers given. Today I am at peace within myself. I am happy to be me, the broken yet usable vessel which is still of great value in fact much more valuable than the rarest of rubies and diamonds.

Think before speaking

Speak without accusations

Respect always respect your partner even in an argument

Honesty honesty is the best policy. Being honest with oneself is life saving and to be completely comfortable sharing everything with your partner without feeling pressure to do so is so wonderful important to me as is being able to trust without restraint; to the fullest depth of a Holy trust with my partner, a trust so pure there is never a question of it’s authenticity.

Trust be as trustworthy as you expect other’s to be with you.

Journaling writing your inner feelings, you’re unable to share with your partner or writing allows me to express everything I’m feeling. It’s easy for me to write so I journal. The journals can be private or can be shared. Its It’s what you’re comfortable with doing.

Responsiblity not everything is your fault, you alone did not create the problems and they cannot be repaired or restored without taking responsibility of your part in the relationships destruction.

Patience always show patience,compassion and love toward your partner,it’s okay to be angry but in that anger we are told to sin not, the only way to counteract sin when angry is to give love,compassion,sympathy,empathy,patience,mercy,grace,forgiveness all the things Christ Jesus gives us each second of every day and by His example I desire to live.

Caring  for yourself is crucial to your well being. Doing your hair,nails,pedicure,bubble bath,wearing an outfit that makes you look and feel good about yourself. You are important

Purpose your life has purpose, you may or may not know your purpose as of yet but with prayer,praise and worship Father God will certainly show you your purpose.

Giving yourself credit patting yourself on the back for your accomplishments is not being a show off, when you do so without the act of pride; we must always remember to remain humble all the days of our life’s for in humility we are blessed.

Body language
watch your body language,many people read a person’s body language long before words are spoken. What’s your body saying to your partner ? Is your body speaking differently than your words? A house divided upon itself cannot stand.

Truth “ALWAYS” speak the truth.There’s “NEVER” a good reason to lie.

Eye contact eye contact is an important key in a partners trust,honesty and knowing the other is interested in what is happening in this instance of interest.

Sharing is caring and caring is loving someone more than you love yourself

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