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Kaleidoscopes,Butterfly’s and Rose’s

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Do my eyes deceive me? Have my ears also lost their ability to function?

My feet are refusing to move as if planted in concrete for centuries. I’ve tried to drag my feet,telling my mind my feet must move. Scared in my tracks, gorilla glued to one spot unable to budge and all of this is happening for no apparent reason but that my body refuses to do what it’s supposed to do. If I had to be stuck in a room unable to move must it be the tiniest in the house,how I hate tight and confined spaces…. Breath in deeply and out slowly focus on the candle flickering casting shadows on the walls and ceiling. How easy it is to get lost in the dimly lit room though small it seems as if it’s the butterfly’s cocoon waiting for the exquisitely beautiful creature of God’s design to emerge in all it’s pomp and circumstance with different shades of colors like a kaleidoscope,one finding beauty with every turn of the dial so is the beautiful me God has destined. In the comfort of my cocoon here I shall stay until the Master says it’s time to emerge the Teresa I am to be. The purpose is not yet clear but I am sure it will have clarity in it’s own time.

Butterfly’s & Rose’s

Rose’s & Butterfly’s

Which do you prefer the Rose’s or the Butterfly? Or both as I do.

I find them both beautiful and calming. I love being in their company.

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