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i wish you could see within me and know how much i love you but things are too messed up to try and fix things and theres no fight left in me,i was able to fight in earlier years of my life but no more please fogive me for all i have caused yes yesteday you said its all been my fault and i will gladly except that for you to be happy. i pray you find happiness in all you do,i love you.

to whom it may concern i wish to be cremated

i love you cheryl and im so happy to have had this time with you. people thought they ruined our relationship but they only made it stronger,i loved you from the start my beautiful baby. remember how much i love you when things get rough in life,dont remember this broken me but the me you came to that christmas you arrived in brookhaven that was the best me i have ever been. remember me like that. i love you sweetie always know that.

taking a shower,putting on clean pjs laying down.ive taken over doses of gabipinton.temazepam. and blood pressure medication …. goodbye

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