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Making Decisions

All through life decisions are made. Everyday tasks are compromised through the decision or decisions made when there is a made up mind to accomplish what is set before them.

I have noticed things happening around me wondering if those here or there can or will make the right decisions,the one decision of course that could change the very core of life and create the atmosphere of every desire of your heart being met.

Can you you make the decision needing to be made? I pray the voice of God you hear listening to know other.

The decision will need to be made before moving forward,it may the very factor of the life of love,honor or respect or a life doomed for relationship failure. I’m lifting you in pray for I want nothing more than your life to be filled with all you desire and deserve.

Did you know your worth more than you believe?

Life tends to break those living in different times in and in different ways. One thing I’ve noticed, life loves to steal a person’s worth. When a person’s worth is taken wrong decision will be made and continued being made until peace with God is made and his will sought and walked out.

Are you ready?

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