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Dreaming makes life more beautiful

As we look out into the vastness of creation may we never stop desiring the need for adventure even if it’s a dream not come true yet

Today is a new day,a new beginning for dreams to be revived,goals to be made, accomplished and imaginations to soar

Never stop dreaming

Have you ever thought of where
you would be in a year or ten years from now or a date previously chosen years before?

Dreaming or making goals is commonplace in life. When we refuse to dream life no longer brings pleasure leaving us feeling depressed and unfulfilled.

Congratulations  on you accomplishing your goals and dreams

Have you achieved your goals and dreams? If so congratulations I’m celebrating your success in achieving your dreams. Though you’ve achieved your dreams what’s your next goal to complete ?

Keep your eyes on the prize

If you have not yet achieved your goals don’t allow the wait to rob you of your dream. It’s doesn’t matter how long it takes to fulfill your dream, it’s keeping the dream alive as you wait.

Patience,waiting and self control are needed in every test,storm or trial

Waiting,being patient is not my strong suit creating a struggle within myself hoping I’m not going to experience a test which entails me waiting or learning patience only realizing each test,trail or storm involves both with self control being a runner up as the  valuable lessons we cannot afford to lose or refuse to master. For these three are needed in each phase of our life journey.

Pursue your passions and dare to dream

Dare to dream dreams and make goals that push you to pursue your passions in life refusing to sit on the sidelines wishing you had followed your heart.

Wherever your dreams are taking you I long to see you succeed in all you do. Witnessing your success encourages me to keep taking one step at a time being patient as I wait many times for clarity of decision needling to be made.

Keep your eye on the prize…

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