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It takes two to create a marriage it also takes two to destroy and rebuild that same marriage.
That’s if the two are willing to do whatever it takes to build the marriage not just to it’s former glory but to surpass it’s former state. The absolute truth is we cannot do anything without rededicating ourselves and the marriage to God and living every day according to what the word of God says.

What God has joined together let no man put it asunder.

If a couple is not careful the advice from inexperienced self appointed interventionist will make matters worse because God’s counsel was not sought.

The marriage was ordained by God and should always be maintained by God never relying on the flesh or the words of the flesh but always by the word of God.

Is there interference in your marriage such inlaws,work,children or personal interests that take your ability to give yourself 100% in building a stronger bond emotionally and intimately with your partner? Without 100% of yourself in these two areas there will never be a solid foundation to build even a sandcastle upon.

You will always have people interfering in marriages this person is called the intruder,the intruder becomes  interested in one of the spouses, usually the one who makes the most money because of the benefit of having their pockets lined or a possible love interest has been made before hand. There is one or two reasons for the intruder to be meddling in your marriage.

Spouse: ask yourself a few questions…
Is this intruder in or have they been in a long term marriage,in what condition is their marriage,have they the experience to lead you,are they of Godly counsel lifting you in prayer encouraging you to be obedient to God in these matters of marriage is Holy before God.

The intruder is someone in someone elses marriage creating more problems because they weren’t appointed nor anointed to counsel both partners for a mediator does not take sides. The mediator is interested in the well being of both partners

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